D&M Truck, Tire & Trailer Repair began around 20 years ago as a repair company.  Due to a demand for reliable drivers and tractors, we expanded into the transportation business.  We currently operate out of our garage and office building located in Detroit.  We have 8 service trucks that operate 24/7 and have service contracts with several large companies.  A list is available upon request.

Our drivers include:

  • Owner operators
  • Company drivers assigned to specific customers with assigned routes
  • Company drivers operating under another business

We own all of our tractors so we have no lease payments or long term debt.  We have our own towing and repair equipment so we are able to keep things up and running.

Our location in Detroit is unique in that it has direct access to railroad tracks that run through the building.

We recently added a community gym to our facility to benefit local community children.

D&M Truck, Tire, & Trailer Repair

6100 Linsdale St. Detroit, MI 48204 (586)933-6354

Contact Us 24/7:

D&M Truck, Tire & Trailer Repair
6100 Linsdale St. Detroit, MI 48204